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Poured In Place Rubber

Our Dino Safety Surfacing Poured in Place playground safety surface is the most robust and dependable technology available. Our two-layer Dino Poured in Place playground safety surface is made of the best raw materials available. Tire buffings that have been shred, and either TPV or EPDM rubber granules are the other. Both of which are both vividly colored. If you're interested in our poured in place rubber system for your daycare or facility please don't hesitate to contact us today!

What Is Poured In Place Rubber For Playgrounds 

The "Safety Base Layer," the initial layer of this system, is made up of 100% recycled SBR/chunk rubber that is poured over a sub-base made of compacted crushed stone, asphalt, or concrete that has received D.O.T certification. This layer is necessary to fulfill the area's critical fall height. To create a solid unitary safety basis, the safety base is combined with a low-odor polyurethane binder. Dino Poured In Place. The system's second layer, referred to as the "Wear Layer," is composed of low-odor polyurethane binder combined with 3/4" TPV rubber or 3/4" EPDM rubber granules. The thickest TPV wear layer available in the industry, measuring 3/4", makes our playground surface the most dependable and long-lasting option available.

Over the shock-absorbing safety foundation layer, a professionally installed 3/4" TPV EPDM granule layer, also known as the wear layer, is placed. The wear layer is available in a variety of colors and may be specially made to match your own style preferences. Our Dino Poured in Place playground safety surface is readily customizable to satisfy the safety, design, and aesthetic needs of any playground safety surface project. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment. Children are able to play securely and without fear of fall injuries thanks to the transformation of the playground safety surface area, also known as the "fall zone," into a thick, flexible, resilient, and shock-absorbing surface.


Customize Your Pour In Place Rubber Playground Surfacing

We can alter the top wear layer's design, which is one of the many reasons our Dino Poured in Place playground safety surface is so well-liked. With so many colors to choose from, you may personalize the look of your playground surface. With our Dino Poured-in-Place Playground Surface, you can add interactive designs and learning activities such as school colors, logos, hopscotch, foursquare, and many more. In order to provide a visual and engaging experience that complements the overall theme of the playground design, we may also build curves, slopes, and mounds.

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Dino Safety Surfacing Is the Best Poured In Place Rubber Installation Company 

Here's quite a few reasons why you should choose Dino Safety Surfacing for your next poured in place rubber installation:

  1. fulfills all regulations for playground fall heights

  2.  Seamless, simple to maintain, quick to drain, slip-resistant, and resistant to UV

  3. Unique patterns and vibrant colors to choose from

  4. ADA and ASTM approved 

  5.  You may install a Poured in Place safety surface indoors or outdoors.

  6. Proven durability for years 

  7. The best TPV and EPDM rubber granules and 100% polyurethane binder are used as materials (No Products from China)

  8. From $18 to $25 per square foot in price

The applications for poured in place or "wet pour" are almost limitless!

Some of the most popular applications poured in place rubber is used for are: water parks, parks and recreation department, schools, daycares, rec centers, military parks and playgrounds, hotels, pool decks, equestrian flooring, cruise ships, fitness trails, gyms, spas and of course, PLAYGROUNDS!

If you're interested in speaking with us about poured in place rubber please don't hesitate to call or fill out our free estimate form

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