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Synthetic Turf Playground Safety Surface

Our Synthetic Grass is a safety surface solution for playgrounds that includes an impact system beneath a layer of synthetic grass that absorbs shocks. We are aware of how crucial safety is for your children. Children falling off playground equipment and landing on hard or abrasive surfaces cause more injuries on playgrounds. We have created a system that is aesthetically pleasing and safe for your kids.

Our solution surpasses all ASTM & IPEMA safety criteria and shields kids from falls as high as 12 feet. Under a range of playground equipment and in heavy traffic locations, our Synthetic Grass consistently offers safety. When you pair this with the visually pleasing appearance of verdant, natural grass, you have an excellent playground surface for safety. Compared to hazardous items like sand, wood mulch, rubber mulch, etc., our Dino Synthetic Grass System is more cozy, hygienic, and, of course, safer. In addition to being a very pleasant and long-lasting product, it will lessen the risk of allergies to grass and unwelcome bugs. You won't need to water, trim, or fertilize your grass again, which will save you a ton of money!

Dino Safety Surfacing Cover Photo_edited.jpg

Dino Safety Surfacing has the best outdoor synthetic turf options 

Dino Safety Surfacing is proud to introduce our cutting-edge synthetic turf solution tailored specifically for playgrounds. Designed with safety, durability, and aesthetics in mind, our synthetic turf transforms ordinary playgrounds into vibrant, inviting spaces for children to explore and play.

Our synthetic turf offers numerous benefits ideal for playground environments.

Firstly, it provides a soft and cushioned surface, enhancing safety by cushioning falls and reducing impact injuries. With its resilient fibers and advanced backing system, our turf withstands heavy foot traffic, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-use areas.

Moreover, Dino Safety Surfacing synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass, saving time and resources for playground operators. It remains lush and green year-round, eliminating the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing, while also reducing allergens and pests commonly associated with natural grass.

In addition to its practical advantages, our synthetic turf comes in a variety of colors and textures, allowing for customizable designs to suit any playground theme or aesthetic preference. Whether it's a vibrant green field or a playful mix of colors, our turf creates visually appealing playgrounds that inspire creativity and imagination in children.

At Dino Safety Surfacing, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability, and fun. With our synthetic turf for playgrounds, we aim to enhance playtime experiences while ensuring the well-being of children in every playground setting. Contact us today to learn more about our synthetic turf options and how we can transform your playground into a safe and vibrant oasis of play.

Synthetic Turf Installation Near Me

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