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Bonded Rubber

Interested in Dino Safety Surfacing Bonded Rubber and Bonded Rubber Mulch products? Contact us here and we'll make sure you get all there is to know about bonded rubber for your daycare or athletic facility. 

Dino Bonded Rubber vs. Dino Poured In Place 

Used as an alternative Dino Poured In Place, Dino Bonded Rubber is a 2 layer system made up of 100% recycled shredded rubber mulch which is blended with a polyurethane adhesive. 

This allows for a relatively easy install that has a unique, natural look that's perfect for any outdoor track or playground. 

Dino Bonded Rubber is similar to poured in place rubber but it's only 2 layers instead of 3. Bonded rubber mulch is typically much larger than its poured in place counter parts as the much can be several inches thick sometimes. This system is poured right on top of the crushed aggregate. Because it is porous, it drains exceptionally well and dries very quickly. It has a natural appearance for playgrounds, outdoor tracks, walking paths, jogging trails and home landscaping. 

Some of the benefits to bonded rubber much are:

  1. It's clean, earth friendly and non-toxic

  2. It has a natural appearance

  3. It is porous and drains and dries quite quickly

  4. It performs great around trees, sidewalks and shrubs

  5. It's ASTM and ADA approved.

  6. Comes with a 1 year installation warranty. Aka if something goes wrong and it was on our end we'll repair it for you.​

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Bonded Rubber Mulch

Dino Safety Surfacing Bonded Rubber Mulch surfacing is a one step safety surface solution that provides a safe, long lasting and cost effective option for any daycare, playground, park or city setting.

It is incredibly versatile and its safety surface applications shouldn't go unnoticed. 

Normally, bonded rubber mulch was more cost effective than our poured in place option; however, as the years have gone on it's almost as expensive as epdm wet pour. This means you could have more color on your project for almost the same amount of money.

Don't worry though as our bonded rubber mulch is still top notch and we're experts at installing it. 

If you're interested in getting bonded rubber mulch installed for your next project feel free to contact us on our contact form.

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