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Are you looking for the best poured in place rubber playground safety surfacing company in the US? 

Look no further than Dino Safety Surfacing- the best safety surfacing contractors in the US!

Our prices are very competitive and our work is top notch. We're an authority on safety surfacing as our contractors combined have done hundreds of playgrounds across the US. 

We have relationships with the best rubber suppliers in the country and we love the feeling when we leave a playground or daycare with a brand new safety surface that should last them for years to come. 

So if you're in the market for a poured in place rubber playground then contact us today!

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The Nation's Leading Poured In Place Rubber and Safety Surface Installation Company

Dino Safety Surfacing

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Playground Safety Surfacing Near You

"Our poured in place rubber company is the best in the business. Our Pricing is competitive and our work is top notch." Beau Hartwick Owner, Dino Safety Surfacing

Bonded rubber, playground safety surfacing and poured in place rubber are all words used to describe the beautiful and vibrant rubber that you'll see on the best playgrounds around. 

For years, Dino Safety Surfacing has been counted on assisting dozens of daycares, preschools, churches and parks with their safety surfacing needs.

Our turn-key poured in place installation company can handle any project big or small. Our pricing is competitive and our installers our top tier.

We are a top provider of environmentally friendly playground flooring and synthetic turf alternatives. Our #1 priority when dealing with our customers is getting them the best possible pricing we can. 

Hint! Ask about our new customer discount. If you're actually reading this and ask about it we will give it to you!

You'll appreciate hiring us for your next safety surface project as our work for speak for itself.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding your safety surface project.

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Poured In Place Rubber

Rubber playground flooring comes with a variety of options. However, if you're looking for the best recreational playground surface look no further than poured in place rubber.

Sometimes known as poured in rubber this system is used across 10's of thousands of parks, churches and daycares.

Durable and safe and capable of lasting longer than 20 years, Dino Safety Surfacing poured in place rubber systems are here to last. With durability only being second to safety.

Our poured in place rubber playground surfaces are safe, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Poured in rubber playground surfaces can be installed even if you already have a non permanent system down already.

We will simply excavate your sand or mulch and install aggregate for the base, the shock layer (black rubber buffings) to accommodate the fallzone, then you pick the color. It's that easy! If you're wanting to know more about our poured in place rubber please feel free to click below or hit us up on our contact page.

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Dino Safety Surfacing Is The Best Poured In Place Installation Company 

If you're a daycare or childcare development center owner that's been tasked with finding a new poured in place safety surface for your playground then please consider these two facts:

1. Daycares with a poured in place rubber safety surface are 73% more likely to enroll new parents vs a daycare that doesn't have one.

2. Your playground safety surface will most likely be one of the biggest investments you will encounter in your childcare development career.

This makes finding the right poured in rubber installation company of paramount concern. We've been laying rubber for years, specializing in designs to turn-key projects. Even if you have an existing safety surface our team of poured in place rubber contractors can handle the project from start to finish.

If you're looking for the best poured in place rubber company in the nation give Dino Safety Surfacing a call or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as as we can.

Buy EPDM Rubber Granules 
Buy Colored TPV Granules - Colored Rubber Granules For Sale

Are you a playground safety surface installer and are looking for TPV granules or EPDM Rubber Granules?

For years, Dino Safety Surfacing has provided dozens of safety surface installation companies their TPV and EPDM rubber granules.

We have relationships with the finest US based rubber manufactures and can get you the best price for your rubber guaranteed.

Our project management skills have allowed us to help startup playground installation companies with their purchases ensuring the proper fallzone is accounted for.

If your looking for epdm rubber granules for sale please feel free to reach out to us. We have aromatic and aliphatic binder as well!

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